Jobs says no to blu-ray on Macs… again

The point from the article provides the impression that Jobs believes that the internet will defeat blu-ray in terms of movie collection.  What this means is Jobs believes that renting / purchasing movies in the form of internet download / stream will become the dominant form of home movie viewing.

Steven Jobs is wrong, for now.

In the article, Jobs compares the post-CD era to that of the post-movie disc.  But there is a difference between audio recordings and movies.  The quality of the audio recordings sound pretty much the same, while blu-ray disc offer high quality video than internet-streamed / rented movies.

Jobs’ sentiment might become true a few years down the road, but in such a rapidly changing technological world, anything is possible.

Author: dky1

A graduated (but still caffeinated) student. I write mostly politics and movie reviews in the Third Cup blog, and some fiction, short stories, and gaming journal on the Loner's Diaries blog.

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