Iraq’s Rising Journalist Death Toll

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Sadly, it’s not the featured figure of 172 journalist deaths so far in the Iraq War that’s most shocking, even in comparison to the death toll of 63 during the Vietnam War. What’s most depressing is the number of Al Iraqiya journalists killed in a span of seven years, 15.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to work there. For someone who has worked there during those seven years and is lucky enough to have lived, he would have had to endure the mourning of the deaths of 15 colleagues. You would think someone would begin to do something about this, anything.

“What can be done?” You might ask. Well, assuming that laws are at least somewhat enforced, passing that journalist protection law is a good start. Also, the modern media functions as one of the most powerful weapons mankind has ever created, and victims of terror should use it against those who terrorist them.
Iraq Reporter Killed

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