Senate Passes a Bipartisan Food Safety Bill

Read the HuffPost article here:
Senate Passes Sweeping Food-Safety Bill

Congress passed something. Wow.

A Little Frank Talk On The WikiLeaks Story

Bill O’Reilly goes off on President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder on not being emotional (or in the President’s case, mentioning) over the leaked secret documents by the website headed by Julian Assange. He also wants Assange arrested / extradited and persecuted in the United States, and charge whoever leaked those documents with treason.

Watch O’Reilly’s talking points memo and subsequent discussion with Megyn Kelly here:
O’Reilly: WikiLeaks Leakers Are Traitors, Should Be Executed Or Spend Life In Jail (VIDEO)

Okay, a few things:
1. You know that a story is overblown when Megyn Kelly is trying to sound reasonable in a debate-ish discussion with Bill-O.
2. By ‘overblown¬≠’ I mean that the general American public doesn’t really care about the U.S. State Department leaking documents because they have to worry about their jobs, feeding their kids, health insurance, etc, which is why…
3. …Preside¬≠nt Obama didn’t mention the leaks on his conference because he has more pressing economic issues to worry about.
4. By the way, speaking with emotion adds nothing to the substance of one’s comments, unless you’re on the campaign trail and want to fire up the crowd.

Obama Injured During Basketball Game

President Obama had to receive 12 stitches after being clipped on the lip by an opponent’s elbow during a basketball game.
Read the New York Times article here and the Huffpost article here

As soon as I finished reading the article I knew that I’d be seeing comments where people would say something like “good for Mr. Decerega!” or get all political with the matter. It was a basketball game, people get hurt sometimes.

It is well known that the President is a tough competitor on the basketball court. Who knows? maybe he will hit Mr. Decerega back on the next game, and not on his lips…

The Hammer Falls

Former Congressman Tom Delay, nicknamed “The Hammer” for his tough politics, has been found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to money laundering.
Read HuffPost article here:
Tom DeLay GUILTY: Jury Convicts Republican In Money Laundering Trial

“DeLay had unsuccessfully tried to get the trial moved out of Austin, the most liberal city in one of the most Republican states.” It’s really sad that we are all under the assumption that juries reach their verdicts based on their political views, which is obviously not what a juror’s supposed to do.

Obama the Polar Bear Protector

Read the HuffPost article here:
Obama Designates Polar Bear Protection Area In Alaska, Could Restrict Future Oil And Gas Drilling

Aww @ the picture!

It is the right of a citizen in today’s capitalist society to complain about economic impacts of an environmental policy. But it is the duty of a human being as the most powerful species on the planet to protect endangered species.

As such, I find it quite pathetic that all we worry about are jobs, when we can start drilling the earth for more oil, and how much money we’d make / lose as a result of this policy decision. Granted that jobs are important, so are animals, and the planet.

North Korea’s Belligerent Actions against South Korea: Brief Talk

At 0534GMT, North Korea began shelling the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. The shelling lasted about an hour, killing two South Korean marines and injuring sixteen marines and three civilians.

Read the HuffPost Article here, and a more detailed article from the BBC here.

Either the big shots in North Korea are just messing with their neighbors in the South and the U.S., or this is something serious.

If this was just Kim Jong Un flexing his military muscle as the heir apparent, then the matter might pass without further conflict.

I’m also guessing this is an awkward and stressful moment for China, North Korea’s supposed ally. If Pyongyang decides to attack again, the U.S. might be forced to help defend South Korea, at which point the the North might seek help from the Chinese, at which point Japan and Russia will have to weigh in on the issue, and this time the six-parties probably won’t be talking.

Also, the BBC article quotes a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry as saying that it is imperative to restart the six party talks as soon as possible. No kidding. But while this is probably what everyone (maybe except for the North Koreans) still wants, isn’t it, for lack of a better word, so lame for the Chinese to be advocating six party talks right after a country has been bombarded by artillery?

One thing we need to keep in mind while looking at the situation in North Korea is just how little we know about the Communist Regime. While Kim Jong Il is the official leader, we know very little about who makes up his inner circle or who his close advisers are. The North’s official reason for the military action was that South Korea has been undergoing numerous exercises in the region despite their repeated warnings, but there are many reasons of which we can speculate as a result of us knowing so little about the North Koreans.

For all we know, it might well have been a loose cannon in the North Korean military who ordered the strikes without seeking prior approval from Pyongyang. Or, as I mentioned above, it might have been Kim Jong Un demonstrating to his future subjects that he will continue his father’s glory.

Whatever the reason was, the critical thing to do now is to find out more about the North Korean regime so that we could make some substantial predictions about the country’s actions in the future.