Rachel Maddow schools Fox News in light of Olbermann’s Suspension

Rachel schools Fox News again, this time in light of Keith Olbermann’s suspension following the news that he made donations to Democratic candidates in the past election, pointing out that several of Fox’s hosts, but mainly Sean Hannity, have openly made political contributions to Republican candidates, and have endorsed Republicans on the air.

Watch Rachel’s segment here:
Maddow: Keith Olbermann Suspension Proves Difference Between MSNBC & Fox News (VIDEO)

In my opinion, this has got to be something personal between Keith Olbermann and his boss Phil Griffin, something Keith did that ticked off Griffin to the point where he had to dig up an unnecessary company rule to ‘punish’ Keith.

Only a personal vendetta can explain Keith’s suspension because we all know that MSNBC is liberal-leaning news organization. But as Rachel says in her segment, the hosts at MSNBC mostly (or none) never come out to support a democratic candidate outright on air. They do, however, say everything short of endorsing a Democrat by making it clear not to vote for the Republicans.

This also reflects a laziness on the side of Fox News, whose hosts don’t even bother to try to persuade their audience to vote Republican in ways other than supporting them outright, on air.

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