Top 10 Cable TV Shows Of 2010 (PHOTOS)

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So Mad Men, critically acclaimed as the best show on TV right now, is not even in the top 10 in cable show viewership­? I’m a huge fan of the show and I hope more people will appreciate the brilliant acting and writing the show consistent­ly provides.

Others shows, such as Boardwalk Empire, Damages, and Californic­ation, also deserve more attention.

Cenk Uygur’s sharp criticism on Tucker Carlson’s comment regarding excuting Micheal Vick

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Pretty cool, Cenk Uygur. I think he should sub in for Olbermann instead of Shuster (if Shuster comes back).

Actually, when you think about it, Palin gunning down a caribou, while obviously not criminal, is worse than what Vick did. Vick ran a private dog fighting racket, the key being that not that many people knew about it until he was arrested and charged. Palin shot and killed animals on her television show, which millions of people tune in to see. Make no mistake about it, Palin did it for money, as well.

So, this means that: animal cruelty for money = hateful crime; ‘hunting’ animals on TV to boost one’s image in order to make money = totally okay.

As Republicans Take Control, New Laws May Not Be On The Books For Long

Some newly-elected incoming Congressmen and governors might try to reverse new laws and policies passed by their predecessors.

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Surely the President will veto these ‘repeal’ efforts, right?

If ‘change’ for relatively little things like these can’t last for more than few years, what about the big policies?

Carol Moseley Braun RIPS Rahm Emanuel, Jody Weis, Sun-Times Columnist

The Mayoral candidate of Chicago lashed out at her opponents, namely Police Superintendent Jody Weis and Rahm Emmanuel, on a series of issues.

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The Mayor race is Rahm’s to lose. Ms. Moseley Braun is merely seizing an opportunit­y to gain some publicity.

Facebook Tops Google As Most Visited Website Of The Year

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Maybe Mr. Zuckerberg will make a trophy for this achievement and arrange a parade, to boost his already massive ego.

Alaska Icy On Palin

New poll shows that the former Vice-Presidential candidate, now author and TV personality, has a dismal favorability rating of 33% in her home state, with 30% viewing her unfavorably.

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I think what is causing all these unfavorable views is the fact that she never really properly apologized, or explained herself, with regards to what she did as governor, why she quit half way through her term, and what she’s become after, that being someone who constantly wants the media’s attention and wants to make lots of money from books and TV deals.

The address she gave when she announced her stepping down as governor was without the slightest hint of effort, cohesion, or eloquence, and doesn’t count.