Brett Favre Is Being Sued


You can read about it on the HuffPost and The New York Times

Massage therapists get hit on and propositioned all the time by their customers. And thus far, no evidence has been shown that Favre physically harassed the two women. So for what reason are they suing Favre? The only reason why this is newsworthy is because Brett Favre is doing it.

For all we know, Favre could have called / texted them when he was drunk. Worse yet, maybe some of his friends took his phone and sent those pictures.

True or not, these allegations have got to be devastating for Favre, right after suffering another concussion and announcing his retirement, once again.

Author: dky1

A graduated (but still caffeinated) student. I write mostly politics and movie reviews in the Third Cup blog, and some fiction, short stories, and gaming journal on the Loner's Diaries blog.

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