China State Dinner PHOTOS: Arrivals, Herbie Hancock, And Who Was Best-Dressed? (PICTURES, POLL)

Look at the photos on the HuffPost article here

Why are Anna Wintour and Vera Wang attending a dinner for President Hu? It’s not like there aren’t enough rich Chinese going on shopping sprees to buy super expensive fashion products.

On another note, that dinner set up looks so cramped up you’d think that Chris Christie would need to take up three spots just to be able to move his arms.

I tend to think that state dinners like these are usually quite awkward, seeing as: there are politicians who have to pretend they like each other; celebrities who have to pretend to know why they’re there (ex. Jackie Chan, Yo-Yo Ma); influential businessmen looking for places to spend their money; lobbyists pretending to be participatory but in fact looking for opportunities to further their cause; and the hosts and the guests pretending to have a good time while probably distracted by their country’s affairs (that, or perhaps their time is better spent with family).

It could be a combination of the above, as well. For example, what were Edwin Lee and Jean Quan, the Asian mayors of San Francisco and Oakland, respectively, doing at the Washington State dinner? Other than the fact that they’re Asian Americans who hold major political offices, I have no idea why they would be invited to President Hu’s state dinner hosted by President Obama.

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