New Phones Sport Facebook Buttons… Seriously?

It is amongst the ‘hot’ products being debuted at the Mobile World Congress. Read the HuffPost article with pictures here

A prominent Facebook button on a phone? Seriously? Even though Facebook is very popular, a lot of people actually don’t want others to know that they like to go on Facebook a lot. Getting a phone with this button would automatica­lly lead people to think that the you’re obsessed with Facebook.

Ed Schultz To Rush Limbaugh: “Wrap Your Fat Ass In The Flag” Over Wisconsin Protests (VIDEO)

Watch the clip on the HuffPost here

Schultz was just having fun here. Not too much context but tons of fun for him.

George Soros Responds To Glenn Beck, Fox News Attacks (VIDEO)

Watch the clip on HuffPost here

It’s hard to think why Rupert Murdoch would want to keep Glenn Beck on his payroll if he wants his news organizati­ons to be viewed as not a joke. For Soros, he doesn’t really have much to lose from Beck’s attacks, because those who actually bothered to look further into history would know that he is nothing like Glenn Beck portrayed.

Australia’s “Today Show” Collapses Into Sexual Innuendo During Discussion Of ‘Long, Stabby Thing’ (VIDEO)

Watch the funny clip here

The guys actually walked off set, hilarious!

Justin Bieber Dies in a Rain of Bullets… in “CSI”

Watch the video on the HuffPost here

Oh man, even when he tried to be a bad-ass with a gun, that voice (and the hair) just didn’t cut it.

The Axis Of Awesome: How To Write A Love Song (VIDEO)

Check out the video here!

Next thing you know, this song will be a hit on the charts.

Also check out their famous ‘four-chord’ song video here.

Gabrielle Giffords Brain Injury: Doctors Work To Help Giffords’ Brain Rewire Itself

Read the Huffpost report here

It will be the most inspiring story if Ms. Giffords can return to Congress. But, judging from what the article says, she probably shouldn’t, for her own sake.

And it’s not like she won’t be able to help others if she retires from public office. She can work on her own pace if she joins a non-govern­mental organizati­on or in the private sector.

Putin vs. Khodorkovsky, Again.

The former Russian oil tycoon is being sent to jail, again, after the verdict for his trial was reached. An assistant to the judge, Ms. Natalya Vasilyeva, has come forward to claim that the trial was rigged, and that the judge was essentially instructed by someone in the government to make the wrong ruling and give such a harsh sentence. Mr. Khodorkovsky might be sentenced to prison until 2017.

Read the reports from the New York Times here and the Huffington post here.

I’m starting to think that this trial wasn’t entirely the showing of the lack of freedom allowed in Russia (although of course it still plays a big part), but a personal vendetta between Putin and Khodorkovs­ky. Khodorkovs­ky must have really ticked off Putin, because only the PM, or somebody high on the government ladder and is close to him, can toss Mr. K back into jail without any repercussi­ons. And I’m guessingPr­esident Medvedev wants nothing to do with the issue, seeing as he has been silent so far.

Ruth Madoff Turned Away At Son Mark Madoff’s Memorial

Read the HuffPost report here

Sad story, and I don’t think (without knowing all the informatio­n) that a mother should be turned away at her son’s funeral. She gave birth to him, for christ’s sakes.

On another note, is it really that hard for Mrs. Madoff to move to a place where no one recognizes her? Granted that her husband has become (in)famous­, she can probably get the privacy she wants by moving to another city.

Grammy Winners & Updates

Read the live update on the HuffPost here. Or, of course, you can check out the official Grammy website here

Surprised that Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, as was just about everyone else . But seriously, Lady Antebellum won both Record AND Song of the Year?

I just listened to “Need You Now” for the first time. While it is a very good country-pop song, it’s nothing special, not award-winning special, anyway. Granted that Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” wasn’t very unique in its musicality, either, it was an emotional tour-de-force of a song and one of Eminem’s best.

Also, quite happy that Muse won Rock Album of the Year! Go Muse!