That is not Jonah Hill…

Check out the picture he posted of himself. He is currently working on the big screen remake of “21 Jump Street”.

That is not Jonah Hill! It CAN’T BE!

Tungurahua, Ecuador Volcano, Sends 300 Fleeing From Truck-Sized Rocks

Fortunately, the volcano is located at a rural area, and the locals have evacuated out of danger. School has been suspended for days due to ashes. Read the HuffPost Report here

I don’t think mother nature has been very pleased with us this year…

2011 Tornado Outbreak Death Toll Hits 337, Second-Deadliest Day From Twister In U.S. History

Read the HuffPost Report on the severity of the tornadoes’ devastation here.

This year hasn’t been a good one for natural disasters. It’s not even May and we’ve already had major floods earthquake­s, tsunamis, tornadoes all over the world. And hurricane season hasn’t even arrived yet.

I sincerely hope that we can safely pull through all of this.

Glenn Beck: ‘Glee’ Is ‘Propaganda,’ A ‘Horror Show’ (VIDEO)

Read the HuffPost article with Beck’s segment here

Funny, cuz Glee is a show on FOX. Also that Beck left out the homosexual angle that Glee has bee praised to establish. But the fact that Beck is calling the only musical show on prime time TV a horror show means…. *gasp* Beck hates musicals!

James Franco Admitted To University Of Houston Ph.D. Program

Read the HuffPost report here

If this guy’s really that brilliant, then how did he bomb so bad at the Oscars? (intended as more of a compliment than anything)

Costly Gasoline Clouds Obama Reelection Prospects

Read the HuffPost article here

Even though there seems to be some sort of precedent with regards to the relationsh­ip between gas price fluctuatio­n and voting tendencies­, I doubt that it will play a pivotal role on the minds of voters when they head to the voting booth next year. This is partly due to the fact that in the United States, voters get to vote for the person they like, and not necessaril­y for the party (as supposed to Canada, where the Prime Minister is the head of the winning party).

So ultimately­, the race will still come down to whether voters prefer Obama or whichever Republican candidate he will face. And in that regards, I think Obama can convincing­ly win his reelection any of the current potential candidates­.

Walter Breuning, World’s Oldest Man, Dies In Montana At 114

Read the very compelling story on the HuffPost here

Without knowing him personally­, just from reading the principles with which he lived his life under, I’d say he was a great man. Rest In Peace.