Politics Daily #3 – A Quick Thought on Rush, Sandra, and Birth Control

Numerous conservative figures ranging from talk-radio to Congress have, in one way or another, attacked the Obama administration for having a provision in the health care law requiring all health institutions, secular or religious, to provide contraception to their employees.  For example, the foul-mouthed Rush Limbaugh has chosen to sink to a new low with his latest comments, calling Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke a ‘slut’, amongst other derogatory terms.

In addition, a few members of congress have essentially made claims that women are having too much sex, or thinks, for some reason, that they are not allowed to use birth control.

Rachel Maddow demonstrated on her show how poor Rush actually does not understand how birth control, or more specifically, the pill (apparently he isn’t aware of the fact that the purchase of the pill has nothing to do with how many times the woman has sex, because the woman has to take the pill every day regardless of whether or not she will have sex), works.  Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, defended Rush by saying he doesn’t want his government money paying for someone to have (safe)sex.

As I read more and more ridiculous comments that paint the picture of women being sex-addicts and allowing women to have birth control would have detrimental effects towards society, I started to think:

The men saying these things do not remember how sex works.

See, in order for hetero-sex to happen, there needs to be a woman and – gasp! – a man.  For every woman that wants sex, there is a man that wants it just as much, or more.  And I’d say, at least on the surface, men are more obvious in their desire for sex than women.  To prevent women from having birth control would only mean that they won’t be able to have sex without the risk of getting pregnant or contracting sexually-transmitted diseases.  So unless the men of the world suddenly want to become responsible for tons of unwanted pregnancies, they better support birth control.

Which brings us back to an age-old question: a woman can be called a ‘slut’ for loving sex, but what do we call a man who loves sex?

A man.

Author: dky1

A graduated (but still caffeinated) student. I write mostly politics and movie reviews in the Third Cup blog, and some fiction, short stories, and gaming journal on the Loner's Diaries blog.

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