Politics Daily #16 – The Wisconsin Recall Debate: Tom Barrett vs. Scott Walker

The first of two gubernatorial debates between Tom Barrett (D) and Scott Walker (R) took place last night, as Barrett aggressively went after Walker on a wide range of issues, including his out-of-state fundraising, the incendiary bill that stripped collective bargaining rights from most public workers, and his efforts to appeal to the far-right on the national level.

For a more detailed account about the debate, check out the Huffpost report here.

Mr. Barrett said during the debate that Wisconsin has lost “more jobs than any other state in the entire country in 2011,” and that Walker’s policies were polarizing to the point where it was impossible in some instances for neighbors to talk to neighbors, for relatives to talk to relatives, for workers to talk to co-workers.

And then there’s Walker, sticking to his talking points and talking about creating jobs.

It never ceases to boggle my mind that so many Republican politicians such as Walker keeps on talking about creating jobs while slashing spending.  My understanding of how government works is that it needs revenue in order to pay its employed workers.  As much as so many Republicans / conservatives / Ron Paul supporters want to turn the United States into an almost-government-free libertarian state, America is far from that.  Government jobs still encompass a large portion of the workforce as a whole.

So common sense should dictate that the less money government has, the weaker its ability to hire people.

On the other hand, Republicans have never stopped declaring their belief that the private sector is where most jobs are created, and we have heard too often that wealth will trickle down from top to bottom. This notion has all but proven to be untrue, as for example, the fat cats at Wall Street are back to business as usual with almost no new regulation imposed on them while the working class in America continue to struggle.

Soon-to-be-ex Governor Walker lit the fuse that blew up in his face when he wanted to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights, rights that represent entrenched values of working society and the relationship between the worker and the owner.  A landslide defeat could be depicted as a small-scale version of the defeat of Nicholas Sarkozy in France, as a rejection of borderline-outrageous fiscal conservatism.

Check out this article for a list of reasons why Scott Walker should be recalled.

Author: dky1

A graduated (but still caffeinated) student. I write mostly politics and movie reviews in the Third Cup blog, and some fiction, short stories, and gaming journal on the Loner's Diaries blog.

2 thoughts on “Politics Daily #16 – The Wisconsin Recall Debate: Tom Barrett vs. Scott Walker”

  1. I am a Democrat…but I am switching my Vote At last nights debate I saw nothing but mud slinging and no true leadership answers. ..from Tom Barrette alone….Walker Held integrity.. Barette did not answer one single question but only attacked his opponent in his answers to the questions. He stated nothing about “What he will do in office” . What a disgrace to see. I am ashamed to be a democrat..Barret gave so many inconsistency it was disgraceful. Barret had nothing to call his own last night….he only attacked and pointed fingers…something that a true leader never does. Walker held integrity and held up to his answers. Wow…I am totally disappointed in Barrett…I can not support him after what I heard from him last night. Democrats all over are hanging their heads today. What a disaster. Barret shot himself in the foot…at the most prominent time of his political career.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see your point. But I think this election as more about rejecting Scott Walker and what he stands for – a Tea Party-esque far right agenda that has been injected into America. Stopping him and his policies could be the first step of rejection of far-right policies of the nation as a whole. Don’t think of voting for Tom Barrett as voting for Tom Barrett, per se. Think about it as a vote to reject Scott Walker and his far right agenda.

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