Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow


Finding myself stuck on how to begin this review, I will just say, for lack of a better word, that “Edge of Tomorrow” is awesome.

The story, for anyone who hasn’t seen “Groundhog Day,” or read the light-novel on which the film is based (me included), feels quite original and just engaging enough without causing confusion.  As soon as the first ‘rewind’ happens, I was hooked by the twist and eager to find out what happens next.

However, without a strong lead actor to carry the film, a plot like this would have collapsed into a soulless special effects explosion-fest.  This is why Tom Cruise is aptly cast as Major William Cage, a character that goes through unimaginably bizarre events and grows wiser as the film goes on.  Emily Blunt, echoing her performances from “The Adjustment Bureau” and “Looper”, once again plays to perfection a tough character with just a touch of vulnerability.

Witty dialogue, compelling characters, some eye-popping cinematography and well-timed comedic moments made this film a joy to sit through.  I saw this film in normal 3D, and in a rare instance, I found myself wishing I have seen it in IMAX 3D, to experience the sprawling battle sequences.

Tom Cruise might no longer be the biggest draw for blockbuster films, and the film’s theatrical release poster does not do justice to how good the film really is, but “Edge of Tomorrow” is a definite recommendation from me.  Catch it before all the ‘mega’ summer hits come out!