Politics Daily #15 – Obama Administration’s ‘War’ on the Press

The latest Huffington Post headline reads: “WAR ON THE PRESS: Obama Administration Attacks Basic Reporting Right.”

A lawyer representing the Department of Justice is arguing that New York Times reporter  James Risen should be forced to testify in the trial of former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, who is charged with leaking classified information to Risen about a botched plot against the Iranian government.

While it has somewhat become a struggle between the ‘reporters’ privilege’ and the Espionage Act – a World War I-era law intended to prohibit the aiding of enemies -, some, such as Lucy Dalglish from Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, are arguing that it is not even necessary to force Risen to testify, as the DOJ has the power to obtain all the evidence it needs to make a case (airline tickets, hotel receipts, etc.)

I wouldn’t pretend to know much about the inner workings of D.C., or Federal politics, or the correlation between the methods with which reports obtain classified information from government departments such as the Department of Justice, the C.I.A., or the N.S.A.  I do think though, that it would be a shame if this issue with the press winds up becoming an election issue that comes back and bites Obama during the election.

While Fox News is the ultimate voice of American conservatism and Republican rhetoric, most other television news outlets are fairly centrists or liberal-leaning.  As such, it would be very unwise for Obama to anger the part of the media that has largely been standing on his side (you really only need to adhere to the facts to be on his side).  As Jake Tapper of ABC questions the inconsistency (bordering hypocrisy) as the Obama administration’s applauding of aggressive journalism abroad as highlighted by the recent passings of Anthony Shadid and Marie Colvin and its crackdown of aggressive journalism at home, it seems like the administration is struggling to find the right tone to approach the issue.

Or perhaps it is more clear-cut than that; somebody inside the administration is controlling which direction they would take with regards to cracking down on leaks.  And that person, whom I doubt very much would be the President himself, is putting the notion that ‘there’s a reason classified documents are classified’ before ‘people have the right to know what the government is doing’.

Glenn Beck: ‘Glee’ Is ‘Propaganda,’ A ‘Horror Show’ (VIDEO)

Read the HuffPost article with Beck’s segment here

Funny, cuz Glee is a show on FOX. Also that Beck left out the homosexual angle that Glee has bee praised to establish. But the fact that Beck is calling the only musical show on prime time TV a horror show means…. *gasp* Beck hates musicals!

Glenn Beck To ‘Transition Off’ Fox News Program

Read the HuffPost report and the channel’s statement here

The best news coming out of Fox News in ages.

CNN’s Nic Robertson Tears Into Fox News For Saying Libyans Used Him As Human Shield (VIDEO)

Check out the video and article on the HuffPost here

I’d imagine it’s pretty hard to make Nic Robertson angry, seeing has he was quite close to Baghdad (even right in the middle of it) when U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. The guy has actually been to the places that he talks about; he’s not just sitting in a newsroom somewhere in New York and reading reports from a monitor. If the people at Fox News can’t respect people like Nic Robertson, they really are shooting themselves in the foot.

Joe Scarborough: Glenn Beck Is ‘Losing It Before Our Eyes’ (VIDEO)

Check out the video on the HuffPost here

I think a substantia­l number of Beck’s audience watches his show just for comedy’s sakes.

Shep Smith: Wisconsin Fight Has Nothing Do With Budget, All About Busting Unions (VIDEO)

Check out the article plus video on the HuffPost here

Meet Glenn Beck’s newest target… or will he target one of his own?

Commentators on MSNBC as well as other channels are wondering why Sheppard Smith is deviating from the rest of the Fox News narrative on the battle in Wisconsin, seeing as he is the only one doing so. If one assumes that the heads of Fox News do send down memos to their TV show hosts instructing them on how to spin the latest news stories, then the bosses, namely Roger Ailes, probably wouldn’t be too pleased with Smith.

On the other hand, Smith might be aware of this this, and is taking his opportunity to make himself stand out by presenting an opinion differing from the rest of the channel.

Bill O’Reilly’s Interview with President Obama

Read the HuffPost Report and video of the interview here

Bill O didn’t ask any ‘tough’ tough questions here, but did manage to ask some kind of difficult ones regarding Obama’s life as President, which is refreshing­.

It somewhat occurs to me that O’Reilly and Bret Baier, the two Fox News hosts who has interviewed President Obama, has great respect for the President, albeit reluctantly. They appear to be longing for an easier target to be critical of and, to a certain extent, ridicule (essentially what George W. Bush was to the left and the rest of the world). But the truth is, they understand the magnitude of the issues that Obama has had to deal with, one after another, and really, he’s performed at least decent in all of them.

Jon Stewart Hits Back At Bill O’Reilly For Defending Nazi Rhetoric On Fox News (VIDEO)

Read the HuffPost post with video here

I wonder how many times does Bill have to be schooled by Jon to get it; the guy is going to point out your lies every single time. And not in a “worst person in the world” way that Keith Olbermann used, but in a humorous and insightful way that really connects with the viewer.

On the other hand, though, it is quite possible that O’Reilly did the piece but didn’t do the research himself. He’s probably on his way now to have a little chat with the person that fed him the info about the Huffpost quote.

Piers Morgan Ratings Drop As First Week Progresses

After debuting with huge ratings, “Piers Morgan Tonight” has now fallen back behind its time-slot rival on Fox News, “Hannity”, while perhaps establishing itself as a competitor with “The Rachel Maddow Show”.
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Anyone who would choose to watch Piers Morgan over Rachel Maddow isn’t looking for quality news commentary­, thus their target audiences differ substantia­lly.

Cenk Uygur’s sharp criticism on Tucker Carlson’s comment regarding excuting Micheal Vick

Read the article on the HuffPost here

Pretty cool, Cenk Uygur. I think he should sub in for Olbermann instead of Shuster (if Shuster comes back).

Actually, when you think about it, Palin gunning down a caribou, while obviously not criminal, is worse than what Vick did. Vick ran a private dog fighting racket, the key being that not that many people knew about it until he was arrested and charged. Palin shot and killed animals on her television show, which millions of people tune in to see. Make no mistake about it, Palin did it for money, as well.

So, this means that: animal cruelty for money = hateful crime; ‘hunting’ animals on TV to boost one’s image in order to make money = totally okay.