Iran Resumes Nuclear Talks… Again.

Iran and six world powers met for a meeting in Geneva to discuss mainly the issue of Iran’s new nuclear capabilities, such as domestically mining and enriching uranium.

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Iran Resumes Nuclear Talks

Everyone generally knows that Israel has a large ‘undeclared / unofficial’ nuclear arsenal and pretty much dares the international community to really call them out on it. Countries can ask Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but they can’t exactly do much when Israel says ‘no’.

I tend to think that Israel is living in the past, militarily-speaking. Yes, the country has continued to experience major military conflicts, but the acquisition of nuclear weapons is the reflection of a Cold War-induced ‘mutually-assured-destruction’ nostalgia, by which I mean the notion that the so-called ‘nuclear deterrent’ has become obsolete. I mean, does anyone today seriously think a country will drop an nuclear bomb on another country? The negative consequences easily outweigh the positive, hence the chances of it happening are slim to none.

The only thing we need to watch out for are states with leaders whom are potentially volatile and unpredictable, but we only have a handful of those. Even they would know what would happen to them if they nuked another country.

I’m not sure how hard Iran has been suffering from the sanctions, or whether if this is the major reason for this meeting. But with Ahmedinejad leading the country, best to expect the unexpected, and not get our hopes too high.