Lawrence O’Donnell Says He’s ‘Driving Glenn Beck Crazy’ (VIDEO)

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I think the reason why Keith Olbermann’­s “Worst Persons In The World” segment was so popular was because it was funny and, more importantl­y quick. O’Donnell’­s “Rewrite” segment is like the more eloquent, essay-form­, not-very-f­unny, version of “Worst Persons”. Regular viewers of MSNBC all pretty much already have the impression that Glenn Beck is nuts, so it really isn’t doing O’Donnell doing any good keep on hammering it home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of O’Donnell’s show and views. But I think he could put his eloquence and analysis to better use by talking about current political issues, not just attacking Glenn Beck. And I’m not saying that he should stop calling out Beck altogether; Beck deserves the criticism that O’Donnell dishes out, but too much just becomes a waste of time.

If O’Donnell really wants to school Beck, he really should pick apart everything that Beck stands for, his writings, and the motivation­s behind what he says, not just what he does, which often is just for show (and ratings).

Joe Scarborough: Glenn Beck Is ‘Losing It Before Our Eyes’ (VIDEO)

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I think a substantia­l number of Beck’s audience watches his show just for comedy’s sakes.

Ed Schultz To Rush Limbaugh: “Wrap Your Fat Ass In The Flag” Over Wisconsin Protests (VIDEO)

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Schultz was just having fun here. Not too much context but tons of fun for him.

Ed Schultz-Jon Stewart Feud Breaks Out, Apparently

Jon Stewart was spot on with another comic commentary but runs into a tweet from Ed Schultz that made no sense.

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Next thing we know will be Jon Stewart making fun of the name HuffPost has given to this article. What feud?

Rachel Maddow Gives Encore Performance Of Lambasting CNN

Rachel Maddow once again haves at it on criticizing CNN for airing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s State of the Union response during its prime time coverage, thereby elevating the importance of her speech to equate that of Representative Paul Ryan’s official Republican response. Maddow also argues that by airing the response, CNN has also validated a false Tea Party entity because the group that financially supported Bachmann’s response has almost nothing to do with the actual ‘small-government’ tea party movement.

Read the HuffPost article, video included, here.

I bet Candy Crowley and Roland Martin (and probably Anderson Cooper) were all thinking “oh my god this is such B.S.” They have a point. It really made no sense at all for CNN to air Bachmann’s response. I happen to think that Wolf Blitzer probably didn’t find the logic in broadcasti­ng Bachmann’s response, either, but he probably didn’t have any say, and was told by his bosses to note numerous times that CNN is the only network airing it.

By the way, what the heck was Piers Morgan doing there? The guy can barely be considered a journalist­.

So Long, Mr. Olbermann (For Now).

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC have parted ways, abruptly ending Olbermann’s show “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” on Friday.

Read the HuffPost article here, which provides a succinct account of the lead up to Olbermann’s departure.
Here is an opinion piece from the New York Times, “Olbermann’s MSNBC Exit Was Weeks In the Making.”

Bill Carter’s article reports speculation that Olbermann’s firing might have to do with Comcast, the incoming owner of NBC Universal, because several of the top executives support the Republican party.

Comcast has issued a statement denying any involvement, claiming that the company has stuck to its promise of not interfering with NBC’s news operations when the deal for the merger was announced.

Not to exactly label the folks at Comcast liars, but I would hardly be surprised if, in the future, we find out that the executives in Comcast did exercise their influence through the back door to oust Mr. Olbermann. It’s quite simple from a hypothetical personal point of view: they didn’t like him, they want him gone. And if they conclude after discussion, perhaps with assurance from Phil Griffin and the executives over at MSNBC, that Mr. Olbermann’s departure would not hurt the channel’s ratings, they would see no problem with sending Olbermann packing.

Some are already speculating as to where he will end up, with some suggesting CNN, ESPN, hosting a radio show, amongst others.

I can already see the news headline a few years (heck, maybe just a few months) down the road:
“Keith Olbermann, the savior of CNN.”

So long Keith, you’ve been great and I will tune in to your next show, whichever network it might be on.

Cenk Uygur’s sharp criticism on Tucker Carlson’s comment regarding excuting Micheal Vick

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Pretty cool, Cenk Uygur. I think he should sub in for Olbermann instead of Shuster (if Shuster comes back).

Actually, when you think about it, Palin gunning down a caribou, while obviously not criminal, is worse than what Vick did. Vick ran a private dog fighting racket, the key being that not that many people knew about it until he was arrested and charged. Palin shot and killed animals on her television show, which millions of people tune in to see. Make no mistake about it, Palin did it for money, as well.

So, this means that: animal cruelty for money = hateful crime; ‘hunting’ animals on TV to boost one’s image in order to make money = totally okay.

Bill O’Reilly gets in on attacking Ted Koppel

Watch the segment here:
Bill O’Reilly To Ted Koppel: Show Me When I’ve Lied And ‘Shut Me Up For Good’ (VIDEO)

Although he and Keith Olbermann are sort of in agreement in this case, Olbermann’s special comment was so much more eloquent and moving and filled with context than the discussion between Bill’O and his panel.