New Phones Sport Facebook Buttons… Seriously?

It is amongst the ‘hot’ products being debuted at the Mobile World Congress. Read the HuffPost article with pictures here

A prominent Facebook button on a phone? Seriously? Even though Facebook is very popular, a lot of people actually don’t want others to know that they like to go on Facebook a lot. Getting a phone with this button would automatica­lly lead people to think that the you’re obsessed with Facebook.

Apple COO Tim Cook: Android Tablets Are ‘Bizarre’

Read the HuffPost article here

The ipad series will continue to dominate the tablet market, especially if Apple appropriat­ely jazzes up the ipad2, which would once again prompt huge sales.

Next Generation iPhone, iPad To Lose Home Button? (RUMOR)

Check out the HuffPost article here

I can see maybe a smaller home button to fit in a bigger screen. But as the other tech gurus mention in the article, the home button is what the average customer relies upon when they navigate the phone. I doubt it’ll go away anytime soon.