Politics Daily #9 – Americans’ (Misplaced) Faith on an Afghan Governor

In his latest Huffington Post article, Joshua Hersh discusses prominent Afghan governor Atta Muhammad Noor’s dissatisfaction with the American strategy of withdrawal, particularly their plan to bring the Taliban to the table for negotiations.  Hersh highlights Noor’s argument as being the fact that many of his men and that of this fellow governors and warlords fought alongside American troops against the Taliban, and cannot stomach the fact that the Taliban was extended an hand by the Americans.

Hersh also notes Noor’s public rhetoric that attempts to galvanize Afghan nationalism by declaring that they will not be used by the “Western countries,”  which fuels speculation that he might well be seeking to become the next Afghan President.  Hersh corroborates by quoting Lt. Col. David Olson of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) as saying of Noor that “He’s looking out for his regional and ethnic interests. But on balance he’s someone we feel we can count on. He’s a very influential fellow, and he’s very vital to the efforts of the government of Afghanistan up here.”

Sounds like Noor is someone who is trying to shine in areas where Hamid Karzai has failed.  And, given that Karzai is generally viewed by the U.S. as an unreliable lying crook, why not advocate for a fresh face to lead Afghanistan and can actually contribute to the peacemaking process.

Ahmadinejad Resignation Coming? Speculation Over Internal Rift Intensifies

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“On Thursday, the battle took a strange turn as allies of Ahmadineja­d found themselves slapped with charges of sorcery.”

Comedic gold right there.

Osama Bin Laden Dead: World Leaders Hail Al Qaeda Leader’s Death But Fear Revenge

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While Hamas might have been compelled to issue a statement like it did for please its base, perhaps they could’ve done so in a less blatant tone. While trying (at least on the surface) to present themselves as the leaders of a near-natio­nal entity, their words just made it that much harder for the internatio­nal community to stomach and recognize them as legitimate­.

Canada Elections: Conservatives Win Coveted Majority

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A sad day for Canadians and the world. If the majority of Canadian voters believe that Harper will make the country stronger, then it is a sign of troubling things to come.

Michael Ignatieff should of course bear a lot of the blame for the Liberal Party’s embarrassi­ng loss, but it really comes down to whether or not Canadian voters believe turning Canada into more like America.

Osama Bin Laden Death: Obama Ran Serious Risks With Mission To Kill Terrorist Leader

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Obama knew that success means that he could emerge the figure who will lead the world in combating terrorism, as well as how improve on how America is viewed from abroad (by other Western nations). Failure will see America condemned as a belligeren­t power with Obama as a reckless leader.

At the end, Obama chose this type of strategy because the rewards were very much worth the risk. It has been said before that past Presidents­, particular­ly Bill Clinton (and possibly both Bushes), has had the opportunit­y to take down Bin Laden but never did. Obama knew that Bin Laden represente­d terrorism and is still feared by so many around the world (including Americans)­. This fueled his determinat­ion to take him down and made him take the risk he took.

Tungurahua, Ecuador Volcano, Sends 300 Fleeing From Truck-Sized Rocks

Fortunately, the volcano is located at a rural area, and the locals have evacuated out of danger. School has been suspended for days due to ashes. Read the HuffPost Report here

I don’t think mother nature has been very pleased with us this year…

Walter Breuning, World’s Oldest Man, Dies In Montana At 114

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Without knowing him personally­, just from reading the principles with which he lived his life under, I’d say he was a great man. Rest In Peace.